My journey, both personal and professional, has been anything but traditional. From an early age, I was faced with significant challenges, including overcoming my own drug addiction and navigating the tumultuous landscape of parental drug and mental abuse. These experiences, while trying, served as a crucible for resilience, adaptability, and problem-solving – skills that became the bedrock of my character and the cornerstone of my professional success.

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At the age of 19, armed with nothing more than the will to change, the support of my soon-to-be wife, and a dream to create something meaningful, I returned home to Monterey, California. With just two suitcases, $500 to my name, and a heart full of determination, I founded Coastal Paving & Excavating Inc.

The Michael Melicia Story


Over the years, I have transformed this start-up into a leading firm in the paving and excavating industry, generating eight-figure revenues annually and amassing a stable real estate portfolio. This growth and success stand as a testament to the indomitable spirit that drove me to rise above my circumstances and the steadfast resolve that continues to fuel our company’s growth.


On this journey, I have built multiple successful businesses and a beautiful family but also nurtured a deep sense of community responsibility. My life experiences have instilled in me the importance of giving back, and I keep striving to fulfill this responsibility through my company’s ongoing support of local charities and initiatives, particularly those aiding mental health and youth development.


Today, my past serves not as a shadow, but as a beacon – a guiding light that illuminates our path toward future success, inspires our commitment to the community, and informs the resilient, adaptable leadership that defines Coastal Paving & Excavating Inc.

“I’m a product of my environment, but that doesn’t mean I’m a victim of it.”


I started building an online presence because I knew other young kids were going through the same struggles I once faced. I’m here to share my story without any filters. My true authentic self. I hope this brings light to those who are facing dark moments. Some of us just need that little extra push and with a little bit of guidance a whole new reality is possible. I am a testament to that, and I am here to pay it forward.

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